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Looking for a plumber? South Eastern Plumbing and Drainage Solutions will fix all your plumbing issues immediately!

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South Eastern Plumber is your trusted plumbing service provider in East Melbourne. We provide residential and commercial services for all of your plumbing requirements. Our services are top-notch and reliable. Contact us today to help make life easier for you.

Looking for a Plumber Near You in South East Melbourne?

South Eastern Plumbing and Drainage Solutions is your premier plumbing solution provider in East Melbourne. From fixing burst pipes to small leakages, we are there for all your plumbing emergencies and at all times. Mostly, with plumbing issues, there is no time to be wasted, and our team of excellent plumbers make sure that your requirements are met most efficiently. We work professionally and discreetly so as not to disrupt your day-to-day activities, and we ensure that our job is seamless, with nothing left for you to worry about afterwards, whether it be the cleanup or the service itself. Our team of expert plumbers in South East Melbourne ensure we leave your space spotless and resolve any plumbing issues.

Our team comprises local experts who work hard toward providing high-quality services to the local communities, and we provide the most professional plumbing services where we charge very reasonable and competitive prices with no hidden costs at all. Our team of plumbers ensure that your issues are met as per your requirements, and they are committed to work till they see you satisfied with the results.

One of our primary goals is to achieve customer satisfaction, and we work very hard towards ensuring that every customer we serve is met beyond their expectations. Our motto is to provide every client with the highest standard of services at the most competitive cost. Furthermore, all our plumbers are fully licensed and highly qualified to handle any plumbing issue that arises. We also believe in the transparency policy, wherein all the costs will be revealed to you upfront as soon as you call us, without any hidden fee. We guarantee 100% satisfaction as known experts in the area.

South Eastern Plumbers are also professionals who do not work on commissions and believe in explaining their craft to you before starting the service. They ensure they present the entire process, from the issue and why it arose to how it will be rectified. After explaining the whole process to the clients, they leave the entire decision upon them to choose to go ahead with our services. Our team of professional plumbers in South East Melbourne are known for their cleanliness and attention to detail. We provide services in the entire South Eastern suburb of Melbourne, almost all metropolitan Melbourne, and everywhere else.

Additionally, you can even avail of a service wherein a South Eastern plumber’s photo shall be emailed to you upon your request so as to ease your mind before the process starts. We work towards making your life easier. Contact South Eastern Plumbing and Drainage Solutions now for all your plumbing requirements.

Our Plumber in South East Melbourne

Residential Services

Residential Services

Every home needs a reliable plumber to live life peacefully. We offer efficient residential services in Melbourne.

Body Corporate Services

Body Corporate Services

Our team works hand in hand with body corporates across Melbourne to ensure superior quality plumbing services.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

We work closely with businesses and other commercial bodies to make sure all their plumbing needs are looked after well.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

If your space needs plumbing repairs or an inspection, you can rely on our experienced and qualified plumbers.

Residential Plumbers in South Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne

Every residential area requires a trustworthy and reliable plumbing service for residents to be able to live in peace. At South Eastern Plumber and Drainage Solutions, we provide the best and the most effective services in Southeast Melbourne. We ensure top-quality services and professionalism. We comprise a team of expert, licensed local plumbers with ample experience in handling all kinds of residential plumbing requirements. Whether it is sewer problems, stormwater drainage installation and repairs or emergency services, our team of professional plumbers in southeast Melbourne will aid you with every possible residential plumbing concern.

We are a fully certified plumbing organisation, and we maintain exceptional standards when it comes to our services. We are highly dedicated to providing you with excellent service and promise to deliver in the very first instance. Our services are created in a holistic manner so as to cater to every plumbing requirement, and hence, we are an established team of experienced professionals who go above and beyond to provide for your plumbing needs.

While we are locally available in South East Melbourne, we have enough experience to provide our solutions anywhere in Melbourne. However, as far as residents in southeast Melbourne are concerned, we are your most trusted plumbing service provider and are available at all times for all your needs.

Our expert plumber South East are largely experienced in all kinds of plumbing solutions, from small issues to larger and more complicated problems. We aid you with CCTV pipe inspection along with water and gas pipe locating as well, and we also provide every kind of emergency plumbing service required. Our plumbers are aware of exactly what the requirement is and provide services to help you in the long run.

South Eastern Plumbing and Drainage Solutions provides the most diverse plumbing solutions in all of Melbourne, and we are a team comprised of specialised service providers experienced in modern fittings and types of equipment in order to deliver the best solutions for your needs.

Why Choose Us as your Plumber in South East Melbourne?


We are a team of locals that believes in providing exceptional services to the local community.


We offer efficient plumbing services at competitive prices, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs whatsoever.


Our team ensures to meet your expectations and get the work done as per your needs and requirements.


Our team is committed to work until they meet the expectations of their clients.


Customer satisfaction is a key driving factor in everything we do.


We believe in providing the highest quality services to our clients.

Looking for a Plumber South East Melbourne?

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Commercial Plumbers in South Eastern Melbourne

South Eastern Plumbing and Drainage Solutions offer the best commercial plumbing services in southeast Melbourne. We pride ourselves on providing the most professional and high-quality services for businesses and commercial bodies. We take care of every essential step, whether it be tap repairs, gas and water leakage issues or hot water repairs. Our team of experts are available to cater to every demand.

As highly experienced and professionally trained plumbers in South East Melbourne, we keep ourselves updated with constant training programs to compete and stay on top of industry standards and practices. With our range of very advanced tools and types of equipment, we can inspect every plumbing issue and even detect the underlying cause for the problem to nip the problem in the bud and never have to face it again. With such techniques and practices, we ensure that our services are long-lasting and durable and make sure that we enhance the longevity of your plumbing requirements.

We encourage you to look through our range of services and consult our professionals for any plumbing concerns that you may have. We are your local plumbing experts in southeast Melbourne and are always available for your needs as soon as possible. We also fix every issue promptly and ensure you are not troubled while we work our way through your requirements.

Moreover, we at South Eastern Plumbing and Drainage Solutions offer genuine costings and competitive prices for all our services. We have a range of builders and property owners that we serve, including both commercial and residential customers. Our team of expert plumbers understand the basic machinations involved in all plumbing requirements, and they incorporate the best techniques to ensure its longevity and durability. Some of our service locations include Narre WarrenOfficerRowville and more.


Why would you want to use anyone else?

"These guys are simply the best. Nothing is too much trouble, they turn up on time, get the job done and leave with minimal fuss. They even cleaned up after themselves too."



Friendly, prompt and reliable.

"We’ve been engaging Mick from South Eastern Plumbing for about 12 months now. His service is friendly, prompt and reliable. We’re always given a detailed report from each job which is great to refer back to. Nothing is too big or too small for Mick and his team. Tenants and owners have nothing but good words to say and have requested he be their main plumbing contact. It’s a very positive experience for all parties."

Ace Body Corp

St. Kilda/Elwood

"I wasn’t sure anyone would want to be out at 3am on a Sunday morning, and was expecting to be told “switch the water off at the mains and we will be around at 10:00am.
All credit to South Eastern Plumbing, not only did they turn up in the middle of the night. They fixed my issue with little fuss and didn’t charge me an arm and a leg for the privilege. They get my vote as being the #1 plumbing company in Melbourne. Fantastic service and brilliant people."




How much do plumbers in South East Melbourne charge?

While plumbing solutions, whether residential or commercial can be expensive, we encourage you to contact us at South Eastern Plumbing and Drainage Solutions to get an exact estimate on your price. The cost entirely depends on the severity of the issue and the duration of the process and a number of other factors.

How quickly can you respond to plumbing emergencies in South East Melbourne?

We at South Eastern Plumbing and Drainage Solutions are available 24*7 for all your needs and usually arrive within minutes of registering your complaint.

Are your plumbers registered and insured?

We are a certified plumbing agency with a range of expert professionals who cater to every plumbing requirement and are trained in doing so.

What areas of Melbourne do you provide plumbing services to?

While our local services are provided in southeast Melbourne, we aim to extend our services beyond the area. Locally, we are present in southeast Melbourne for all your plumbing solutions.

Can you assist with blocked drains and sewer line problems?

We provide various plumbing solutions, including repairing blocked drains and sewer line problems. Our services are not limited; our expert team is qualified to serve you with all your plumbing requirements.

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