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South Eastern Plumbing and Drainage Solutions is South East’s ultimate local plumbing service provider. Having more than a decade of experience in the industry allows us to handle any plumbing situation efficiently. Our company maintains high standards of quality and follows all safety measures in accordance with Australian guidelines to ensure that every job is completed efficiently.

South Eastern Plumbing

As a company, we are dedicated to providing high-quality service to our customers.
South Eastern Plumbing and Drainage Solutions provides reasonable and transparent pricing for every plumbing service. Among our successful associations are those with Builders and Property Managers and with an esteemed clientele of both residential and commercial clients. Every plumbing job involves basic principles and procedures that we understand and incorporate into our methodology.

Our company specializes in unblocking sewer and stormwater drains using the latest techniques and equipment to ensure zero disruptions. Furthermore, we conduct CCTV inspections of pipes to determine the issue’s exact location and find the best solution that lasts longer. We have all the necessary equipment to assist you if you need water or gas pipe locating services. No matter what your plumbing needs are, rest assured that we have you covered.

What makes us different?


Years Of experience

Notes from Experts & Way forward

A blocked toilet

Try plunging it out and do not use it until you are able to drain it. No hot water at your place: Our team helps you in fixing your boiler and also helps installing a new boiler.

An overflowing drain

If there is raw sewage, do not use any taps or flush. Our team will help you by unblocking the pipes by clearing out the sewage.

Leaking roofs

They are tricky to treat but a video recording can help the team in multiple ways.

Leaking and broken taps

Try to shut the main water instantly, our team of professionals helps in fixing all types of leaked and broken taps and also installs new taps

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